The Center for Student Affairs Policy and Law, CSAPAL (pronounced C-S-A-“Pal”). CSAPAL fills the tremendous need for affordable training and resources to support educational institutions and their student affairs professionals on risk management, law, policy, student and campus safety, violence prevention and wellness issues.

Although other organizations address these areas, none do so with affordable excellence. CSAPAL’s mission is to provide convenient, regional, focused, adaptable, and responsive training, certification, and expertise in all areas of campus and student safety and risk. CSAPAL is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to making training accessible to every educational institution; regardless of size, endowment, mission or location. CSAPAL is led by a dedicated group of practitioners, “Associates.” Associates are from diverse, extensive student affairs and education backgrounds. Each is committed to improving student safety in higher education and K12 institutions.

CSAPAL Mission

Center for Student Affairs Policy and Law | AboutThe Center for Student Affairs Policy and Law (CSAPAL; pronounced c-s-a-’pal’) is an organization dedicated to improving student safety in K12 and higher education institutions through training, certifications, professional development, and expertise in student affairs, safety, risk, conduct, and legal compliance, including Title IX. CSAPAL provides accessible and outstanding training, featuring up-to-date content and essential certifications at affordable rates. CSAPAL works with institutions and individuals to advance our mission.

Why is CSAPAL Needed?

The legal, policy, safety, and risk landscape for educational institutions has become complex and multilayered. Expectations regarding campus and student safety from families, students, politicians, and government agencies are higher than ever. CSAPAL is in the position to help institutions and individuals in the ever-changing educational landscape and to meet high expectations promoting student safety.

CSAPAL provides convenient, regional, focused, and responsive training, certification, and advice in essential areas at reasonable rates. We are committed to making our expertise and resources accessible to every institution.

What makes us different?

We are responsive and connected to schools, colleges, and universities. Rather than large and expensive national conferences, CSAPAL is focused on providing regional events hosted at schools. These events are targeted to the local institutions and their individual, campus safety needs.

Additionally, we understand that not every institution can afford to fly large numbers of staff to conference locations so we offer many online training and professional development opportunities through live webevents. Our events are engaging, participant-focused, and outcome oriented. Attendees will leave our events with practical and meaningful information to improve campus and student safety at their institutions.

The Center is dedicated to providing research-supported process and skill based learning experiences beyond simple knowledge delivery. All of our training and work builds from examining every issue from a risk management approach utilizing the metaphor of a sturdy four legged table. Each table leg represents one of our 4 Ps: Policy, Procedure, Protocol, and Prevention. For example, when addressing sexual misconduct we would train on handbook policies and laws (Policy), disciplinary procedure and investigations (Procedure), response protocol and communications (Protocol), and prevention education and employee training (Prevention).

Who are CSAPAL’S Members?

  • K12 School and District Faculty, Staff, and Administrators
  • Higher Education Faculty, Staff, and Administrators
  • Independent School Faculty, Staff, and Administrators
  • Academic Administrators
  • Student Affairs Administrators
  • Campus Law Enforcement
  • Risk Managers
  • Title IX Administrators and Officials
  • Higher Education Title IX Coordinators, Deputies, and Investigators
  • K12 Title IX Coordinators, Deputies, and Investigators
  • Independent School School Sexual Misconduct Officials
  • Human Resources Staff
  • Diversity and Equity Officers
  • Affirmative Action Administrators
  • Student Conduct Administrator
  • Conduct Board Members
  • Athletics Administrators
  • Campus and District Training Coordinators
  • Building Supervisors, Principals, Vice Principals, Department Chairs
  • School and College Attorneys, Solicitors, and Legal Counsel
  • Women’s Rights and Equality Advocates and Activists
  • Heads of Schools
  • College and University Presidents
  • Superintendents
  • Community Partners and Stakeholders
  • Allied Corporations and Nonprofits

How was CSAPAL Started?

Originating in 2016, CSAPAL emerged from discussions about implementing positive and effective change in K12 and higher education campuses across the nation. Campus Outreach Services and its founder, Katie Koestner, organized an August 2016 two-day Policy Institute conference at Elmira College for higher education, independent school, and K12 administrators. The conference was a huge success and the participants had immediate and intense positive reactions to the content and the presenters. In addition to the great presentations, many roundtable discussions lasted well past the scheduled sessions. The conversations continued well into the evenings, in the dining halls and beyond.

A few of the key organizers and presenters of the conference at Elmira College began having follow-up conversations about the possibility of forming a new organization that would provide a place for the advancement of policy and law in student affairs. Over the next few months, the conversation grew to include to over 100 education leaders, coast-to-coast, who all saw the need for an organization like CSAPAL.

As an independent, not-for-profit CSAPAL has a Board of Advisors, Senior Associates, Associates, Consultants, Business Sponsors, and Members. CSAPAL is supported by Campus Outreach Services which provides technology, administrative support, and other expertise. We are honored that after two decades of work with over 5000 K12 and Higher Education institutions Campus Outreach Services decided to support CSAPAL with funding.